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Home Entertainment Spaces

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Home entertainment centers are getting cheaper and cheaper and the temptation to enjoy your favourite flicks in the comfort of your home is making people design their own entertainment spaces. In this article we give you a few tips to keep in mind when you design your theatre and also feature some home entertainment spaces from where you can draw some inspiration.

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Equipment Needed for Home Theater System Setup

Home Theatre Layout Tips

Speaker Positioning for Home Theater System Setup

Inspirational Home Entertainment Setups

by Valey

by Conceito

by Russ Shwenkler

by krmstudio

by Yohanes

by Aurélien

by C4 Grafx

by Romanov

Those were some moderately expensive setups so far. We thought we would leave you with a slightly more pricey setup by Jeremy Kipnis which if you decide to setup in your own home would make you lighter by $6 million.

This awesome home theater has one of the largest screens ever installed in a home (about 18-feet wide), and also features one of the best sound systems on the planet – consisting of 16 subwoofers, 8 tower speakers, 10 tweeters, and 3 center channel speakers, all of which are powered by a group of 35 amps.

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