Abraj Al Bait - New Behemoth Hotel in Mecca

Abraj Al Bait - New Behemoth Hotel in Mecca

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Mecca will soon be home to a 3 Billion dollar hotel which will house a chocolate room for those with a sweet tooth, 24 hour butler service for those who cannot imagine life without help and beauty salons for people to get decked up in before they offer their prayers!

Estimated to stand at 1,591 feet on completion of construction, this mega structure will hold four of the largest clocks in the world – each five times the size of the Big Ben!

5 royal floors, 2 golden floors, 1,500,000 sq meters of floor space, size equal to 271 American football fields, 76 elevators and over 1000 suits only begin to describe the enormity of this under-construction project.

For those who may be curious, this hotel is designed by Dar Al-Handasah.

Here is a video of the building. Not English, but they have subtitles. ( If you are reading this article through email, visit the following link for the video: 2009/10/abraj-al-bait-new-behemoth-mega-hotel-in-mecca

Here is a different video in English though.

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Watch the video: Night time view of Mecca clock tower Abraj Al-Bait أبراج البيت (June 2022).