Retro Modern Wallpaper Delight

Retro Modern Wallpaper Delight

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Ahhhh, the joys of jacquard, floral and paisley patterns on the wall… Is this how good it felt when wallpaper was invented? Today we marvel over the trendy pops of color and bold whimsical patterns inspired by our contemporary lifestyle. What an investment to install wallpaper that makes you happy the day you put it up, but what happens if you get tired of it? Then again we also wonder if tie-die will ever come back into style as wallpaper… These wallpaper designers have no easy job, studying contemporary trends to create some smoking hot wallpaper designs that have a current but nostalgic feel to them – perfect to pair with vintage decor or a stylish mid century modern sofa. Either way, Carpe Diem and enjoy these designs by Graham and Brown!

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