Modern Style Kitchen Designs

Modern Style Kitchen Designs

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Modern kitchens are more keen on aesthetics these days than they are on practicality. But perhaps the clean line simplicity of this style calls for hidden contraptions regarding all things functional. Either way, our friends at deviant art hooked us up with a creative perspective of the contemporary modern kitchen. As large or tiny as these cooking centers are, they really only provide about 25% of usable space! But beauty is definitely in the eye, so let us know what you see…

by Velizar

Having built in shelves for the multi-functional spaces is pretty saavy of designer Dir2

by phil grayston

by diegoreales

by Michal Timko

by Erniez

by theanarchitect

by Franco Geraci

by Temtaker

by EGA87

by daywalkerint

by Elyathan

by apixx

We also compiled some of our other favorite kitchens into a youtube video: Kitchen Designs. You can also watch it here:

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