11 Living Rooms with Modern Flair

11 Living Rooms with Modern Flair

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Modern living can be described as minimal, clean lined, artistic and intellectual. The few pieces that you do find in these homes are typically the result of superior art and design. There is almost always a dashing focal point and the furniture is sleek and glossy and not so children friendly. Methods and materials are usually mixed and contrasted texturally to add interest and make up for the lack of color and clutter in a space. The living rooms below are all examples of interesting modern spaces that were designed by creative virtual artists of the sort. And HD has hand picked a few great spaces for you to see for yourself the sure fire elements of a successful living room.

by Kim Stapleton

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by Fernando di Gasperi

by zigshot82

by 4Dragon84

by sedatdurucan

by pressenter

by eja87

by Alexandre Guilbeault

via Houzz

by modelight

by Zulu Cal

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