Palace Like Interiors

Palace Like Interiors

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Whether the middle classes consider these designs extravagant or ostentatious, its worth realizing that excessively wealthy homeowners such as belong to the royal class are the first to experiment with interior design styles. Its from them the masses glean ideas of how to adopt the high life without paying heavily for it and without being−perhaps− quite so toney.Projects by designer Stanislav Orekhov and VisCorbel, a company that turns graphic designs into psychical decor, demonstrate an aesthetic sense few people of outside of Buckingham Palace or the Royal Saudi family would dare to broach.Orekhovs project, upon close inspection, reveals a Middle Eastern indulgent residence. When paired with the VisCorbel design it seems curious that living amongst royalty grants homeowners romantic notions of 18th-century Europe. Luxury in Orehkovs case reveals itself through dense and unrestrained combinations of fabrics, textures, colors. Detail abounds everywhere: Romantic wallpaper, gilded wainscoting in the loo, multilayered ceiling treatments with their own lighting schemes, and an inability to leave any void untouched.

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