Jewel of Kahana House, Beachside in Maui, Hawaii

Jewel of Kahana House, Beachside in Maui, Hawaii

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The seven bedroom, seven bathroom Jewel of Kahana house sits oceanfront in West Maui, Hawaii, on an acre of land. Amongst the palm trees, this stunning home is approximately 9,000 Sq. Ft, constructed with an abundance of windows and walls of glass that disappear into the bordering rock walls, allowing every bit of the ocean views to be soaked up.

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A pool surrounds the homes patio on two sides, edged with irregular stonework for a natural look, with mini waterfalls cascading over the rocks at one end, and a spa.

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Rustic stone feature walls are offset with sunny orange tones and sophisticated furniture.

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When you have had enough of the pool and the sun is setting, an extensive games room with pool, games tables and even a home sports bar awaits you inside the property.

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An extensive dining area houses two table sets, and the kitchen island alone seats ten people; this is certainly a house for entertaining.

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A beautiful mezzanine bedroom gets its views high above the grand living area with huge open kitchen, and a separate enclosed butler’s kitchen.

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Each bedroom is an oceanfront master suite with views of neighboring island Lanai and glimpses of Molokai. The rooms, complete with luxurious bath and wet bar, are accessorized with seashells to bring the beach scene indoors, and furnishings are simple but sumptuous with plush headboards and flat screen TVs.

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The space is decorated in colors influenced by nature, fresh green and sea blue teamed with rich wood, and light marble floors reminiscent of a white sandy beach.

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Complete with 529 Sq. Ft. Guest Home, with one bedroom and one bathroom, this home is on the market for a cool $14,900,000.

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