Floating Beds

Floating Beds

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John Huff, the inventor of the Floating Bed thought, What would the ideal bed look like, feel like, and what benefits would it provide? What features would make everyone really LOVE their bed?…

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After considering the special relaxation of a gentle rocking motion, which has been scientifically proven as beneficial to us, but ruling out the back bending, and unstable, poor solution that is the hammock, the waterbed and the four point hanging bed-all of which Huff deems as “simply not that good to sleep on, because their motion is all wrong”-the inventor realized that the key to the ideal bed was the Omni-Pendulum or “Floating” Motion.

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Though this bed is aesthetically kind of cool, it was not designed only for it’s looks, as it’s form came from its function; A one-point overhead suspension provides gentle motion, the flat net under-support has adjustable firmness, and the height is easily adjustable.

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With the option of an indoor or an outdoor Floating Bedâ„¢, its not just a place to sleep, but a fun place to hang out and chat with friends or the kids, to relax peacefully with a good book, or to gaze at the view with a refreshing cocktail in hand.

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