Sleek Bathrooms by Danelon Meroni

Sleek Bathrooms by Danelon Meroni

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Check out this sleek selection of bathrooms designed by the talent at Danelon Meroni: We are product designers, dreamers and doers who want to do great work for ambitious clients the studio states, so lets take a look...

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A glossy pebble shaped bathtub emerges from a solid concrete surround for a stunning contrast of style.

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Here we see creative minds at work with a prototype of how the organic vessel would perch in its mount.

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Floating units are sectioned in straight, strong lines, reflecting the sprawling cityscape beyond.

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Wall mounted sanitaryware takes the floating concept of furniture throughout the entire bathroom.

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Cool industrial styling meets chic simplicity in the shapely legs of this twin basin vanity unit; the counter top is kept slim-line and understated to allow the metal stands to take center-stage.

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A curved corner shower enclosure gives flow to the angular situation, whilst a strong black finish provides edgy framing, and compliments the dark masculine vanity unit nearby.

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This bathtub allows easy walk-in access without any compromise on style, with a neat sheet glass panel acting as an inconspicuous doorway.

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The chunky basin and bathtub silhouettes of this suite still appear elegant thanks to their softly tapered outline and elegant chromeware.

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