Unique Home with Skylights and Central Courtyard

Unique Home with Skylights and Central Courtyard

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This beautiful home with interior courtyard outlook, visualized by the talent at Alpha Idea, includes a multitude of modern ideas to form a fresh and unexpected result.

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Beyond the circular, central courtyard, a home library houses a collection of bedtime reads.

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The wash of sunlight rushes through the enormous glazed panels that form the wall at the foot of the bed, where a serene interior courtyard harbors a blossoming tree, a truly stunning view to fall asleep under.

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The well-lit room takes full advantage of the luminosity with a textured headboard feature wall, where square shaped pieces are extruded to varying degrees in order that the light may reflect, and shadow may fall, like water over a pebble-bottomed stream.

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The color scheme throughout the sleep space and the home library beyond is kept subtle and neutral in shades of earthy brown and gray in order to promote peace and relaxation.

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The bedside tables gain an unusual look complete with rustic charm thanks to the glass bottle bases that support the smooth wood tops. A set of fun rules for life decorates the rounded glass surface, bringing a touch of modernity to the piece.

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This home reminds us of the one with the Lamborghini in the living.

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