Modern Minimalist Decor with a Homey Flow

Modern Minimalist Decor with a Homey Flow

This stylish yet homey apartment design comes to us courtesy of Taiwan based Fertility Design, filling us with ideas on how to make a modest sized space appear roomy and high spec. Take a tour through bedroom, living room and dining spaces with a connected, cohesive atmosphere providing a perfect feeling of decor flow.

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Each room is decked out in a neutral palette, with wood tones creating the only color against a gallery white backdrop, aside from a flash of dove gray behind the home entertainment area. Much of the wood paneling are a fascia to concealed storage areas that keep the apartment looking well organized and uncluttered, though some of the veneer is purely cosmetic, providing warmth and intrigue.

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The living areas are open plan in this modest apartment space, but thanks to the uncomplicated color story, each area compliments the next without creating a jarring boundary.

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Storage spaces situated in narrow areas are mirror finished to give a feeling of more space, as well as to bounce more light around restricted quarters.

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In the bedrooms the calming hues continue, which helps the decidedly compact designs of these sleep spaces to breathe.

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