Casa Bramasole: Yet Another Stunning Umbrian Villa

Casa Bramasole: Yet Another Stunning Umbrian Villa

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Umbria, Italy is known for its gorgeous landscapes—it is even called il cuor verde dItalia (the green heart of Italy)—but if it were not, it should be known as the home of Casa Bramasole. Hundreds of years ago, Casa Bramasole was a farmhouse, but all that changed as recently as 2004 when it was renovated and transformed into a gorgeous manor house. The local craftsmen entrusted with this ambitious project followed strict regulations to ensure that as much of the original character has been preserved.The result: a stunning recreation of the Italy of old—with some modern twists thrown in.

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The house also features a pool heated by solar panels. Dug into the mountainside, it features a fantastic view of Lake Trasimeno while almost invisible from the terrace of the house.

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The interior is a graceful mix of the old and the new. Original brickwork and exposed beams meld seamlessly with modern furniture.

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A manor house cannot be complete without a fireplace of course, and Casa Bramasole is not lacking in that respect. The exposed brick is a great backdrop for the main living area which also features leather couches and an antique desk loaded with books.

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The Boffi kitchen, on the other hand, is state-of-the-art. Graced by a majestic arch, it is a reflection of Italy’s long and delicious history of great food. Anyone can be a master chef in this kitchen.

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It even features a pizza oven to create that holiest of Italian dishes

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One of the best examples of new perfectly complementing the old is the dining room, right on the other side of the arch.

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The chairs are of classic Italian design but the table itself is full of rustic charm. It’s length and size is another nod toward the Italian’s love of food. That is, every Italian knows that food tastes best when it is shared with cherished friends and family.

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Each corner of the house maintains the carefully thought out balance of its designer.

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Casa Bramasole is meant to house eight people, so naturally, there are several bedrooms.

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The signature exposed brick is a comforting element in each of the bedrooms, and with two of them featuring windows that provide plenty of natural lighting, they are a dream to nap in.

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Of course, one must need to bathe and Casa Bramasole does not disappoint here either. The luxuriously modern bathrooms create a stark, yet stunning contrast to their surroundings. It may be hard to leave once you’ve started that bath.

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But, you will. So take a look at yourself in the oversized vintage mirror.

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Dress from your aged wardrobe.

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And go and enjoy the beautiful Italian day!

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