A Christmas Dream Home

A Christmas Dream Home

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When Christmastime arrives we all have our own special ways of decorating our home to conjure up a little magical atmosphere, and we marvel at the Hollywood movie homes in the festive films running on TV. Well this beautiful home, designed by Rozhkov Tatiana, is a Christmastime wish come true; with a striking interior decorated in chic cabin style, this place just longs to be filled with yuletide fancies.

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Made in an authentic European style, this 786.1 square meter wooden house is holds furniture and finishing materials imported from France and Belgium. The overall effect creates a perfect staging area for a festive family extravaganza; imagine the ornate chandelier lit warmly over the roaring fireplace, as children rip open far too many presents from under the Christmas tree and adults sip merrily on mulled wine-xmas bliss!

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Folding doors reveal the formal dining area, providing the perfect opportunity for Christmas guests to migrate back and forth between the mince pies and the mingling.

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Suspended above the eight seat dining suite, between two lantern lights, is a festive wreath dripping with twinkling gems and natural greenery.

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The bathroom is an all year round cozy cabin, complete with a quaint row of little nesting birds across the light fitting.

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Carefully chosen pieces of artwork take the plainness off the white-washed wooden walls, whilst retaining the monochrome theme that runs through the black furnishings and striped upholstery.

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Christmassy finishing touches are even applied in the the private master bedroom of this winter holiday home, where two subtle white pine trees adorn each end of a small display shelf. A warm throw edged with tassels adds a warm touch to the bed that stands adjacent to a home office area-shut down for the season.

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A games room provides a great place for all the family to while away the evening together, once all the gifts are unwrapped.

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