Kitchen Designs That Pop

Kitchen Designs That Pop

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Heres a few kitchen designs that grab you with either a hit of color, or a quirky kind of cabinet layout. Taken from Arredo3 Cucine, theres a fair bit of inspiration here for those who are after a culinary space with personality.

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The kitchen units in this room are a sunny mix of yellow and white gloss fronts, but it really is the bright wall art and dining chairs that make this design sing. A nearby lounge area pulls in more color too, with the introduction of a psychedelic feature wall, graphic rug and contemporary sofa.

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Eye-catching kitchen bar stools and crockery add attitude to the somber backdrop of dark modern units.

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Plum purple units and breakfast bar stools give an unusual edge to this kitchen. The juicy hue warms up the predominantly cream décor.

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Small accents of rich blue add just enough interest to this largely white kitchen scheme, and work perfectly against the putty wall color. Four glass pendant lights bring a subtle line of sparkle to the contemporary setup.

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The undulating horizon line of these wall cabinets is picked out and emphasised perfectly by contrasting charcoal and red materials. Such a deep contrast is in danger of appearing heavy, but this is avoided with the installation of white base and larder units to brighten the look.

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An ordinary kitchen wall becomes a multipurpose dining and bar area thanks to the addition of a countertop cutout. Guests seated at the swivel bar stools can enjoy the company of people in both spaces. An open line of sight also doubles the impact of the dramatic red chairs and incredible picture windows.

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Chartreuse gloss units can sharpen the appearance of paler pieces. Note how the two tones fit together like a jigsaw piece across the focal wall, rather than ending in an abrupt line.

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A boomerang shaped breakfast bar is a break from the norm, and peals away to reveal and extra area for storage shelving.

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It’s hard for the eye to focus on the layout of this kitchen for a moment or two, with so many shapes and sizes of cabinet going on, but it does make a change from the typical straight run of same sized base and wall units that are more often found in our homes.

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