Home Design in Harmony with Nature

Home Design in Harmony with Nature

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Weve featured quite a few homes with a cantilevered pool, but as this one peeks out at you through the path of vegetation, you cant help but feel invited in. This villa in Singapore, by architects Terre Pte Ltd, is one of three properties on this plot that belongs to the homeowner, the other two being homes for the owners two grown sons. The brief for all of these dwellings was to create a place that worked in unity with nature...

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Lush green areas hug this home, and indeed the home hugs them right back: the construction is built around, and criss-crosses the path of natural beauty over an area of 342 square meters.

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Large glass light wells feature dense carpets of wild planting, where delicate leaves overflow onto the rich wood interior flooring.

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In the dramatically dark bathroom scheme, a surprisingly situated slender tree trunk breaks through the ceiling in search of natural sunlight.

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Towering trellises climb the tall exterior walls of the home, where determined climbing plants make their quiet journey to the rooftop.

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Swimmers can dive underwater to gaze down through a glass floor of the open-air swimming pool in the sky.

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Butterflies breeze in and out of the home, which is decorated with natural materials such as wood, marble and granite to harmonize with the natural surroundings.

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Boundaries between inside and out are blurred and unimportant.

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The kitchen takes on a different feel to the rest of the home; sleek white gloss units create a clean, sharp look, and the space is equipped with all of the state of the art appliances a domestic chef could want. The long kitchen island offers ample food preparation space, whilst banks of tall cupboards take care of storage needs.

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A large spiral staircase winds up through the leafy scenery.

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