Making The Most Out Of Small Apartments Using Transformable Spaces

Making The Most Out Of Small Apartments Using Transformable Spaces

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Were exploring the ideas behind some refreshingly handy transformable spaces, from BosaSPACE homes, where a whole host of slide-away and fold-away furniture solutions seem to secretly fill every nook and cranny. You may be familiar with common two-in-one pieces like lift top coffee tables, but these selections take multipurpose functionality to a whole new level. The collection of cunningly thought-out pieces allow small open plan spaces to be utilized in several different ways, to suit the ever-changing living and entertaining needs of modern life. In a home like this, apparently nothing is what it seems...

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A seemingly compact kitchen space can open up to provide a neat desk or cozy dining spot for two, thanks to a pullout dining table that extends from a practical kitchen island.

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The same modest kitchen-diner can then expand vastly to comfortably accommodate a large dinner party, offering a very generous eight-seat setting.

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Neatly stackable dining chairs mean that the whole thing can be hidden away just as quickly as it appeared-though the dirty dinner dishes from eight diners may not be so quick to vanish!

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In order to make room for such a large dining area, the freestanding lounge pieces need to make their way along to into a neighboring sleep space in this particular example, but this is no problem when the queen sized bed can be folded away.

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The large bed can even morph into a modern sofa as an extra seating opportunity. A set of slide-away privacy doors make the amalgamation of spaces all possible, and incredibly seamless.

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The TV panel too can shift its locale, making the screen more viewable from either the kitchen diner or lounge area, or indeed the bedroom area when the privacy doors are opened.

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The entertainment wall even conceals another modern sofa option.

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Once the party is over and it’s time to hit the hay, the neat fold-out sofa can be converted into a comfortable bed to accommodate an overnight guest.

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