Low Key Luxury

Low Key Luxury

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The owners of luxury apartments are not always seeking ostentatious status in a show-off style, and the lots in Tienmu Shibayama, whilst offering enviable settlements, maintain a tastefully low-key design, displaying the chic yet modest aesthetics more people might admire.

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The furniture holds simple lines within the smooth walls that lie beyond the ornately patterned floor of the entryway.

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Minimalist zen elements, with the addition of fine detail and a cultural fusion, presents a simple, natural leisure style to the homes. A shell collage decorates the living room TV cabinet, dining area sideboard and hall storage to provide texture to the calm space.

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The tiny entryway is probably the most decadent area of the entire apartment, with textured door facing and swirling tile borders.

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A glossy white European kitchen appears fresh and simple above the sharp contrast of a heavily marbled green floor.

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The main building materials on this project were stained oak, stretch fabric, retro gold leaf, marble, shell collage, and imported wallpaper, all mixed together to form a look that would suit the discerning dwellers who are of professions such as university professors, and design pursuits.

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