Fresh Delightfully Modern Interiors From A Polish Architectural Studio

Fresh Delightfully Modern Interiors From A Polish Architectural Studio

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The homes in this post were each designed by the creative team at the design studio in Poland. While each space certainly has its own personality, the creative touches, whimsical elements, and amazingly cool storage spaces are all indicative of the team’s style. Have a look.

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In this first home, we can see the interior immediately come to life with the Banksy-inspired mural in the living room.

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Another wall has personal photos on display in a way that looks a bit haphazard, but ultimately adds an important personal touch to the modern space.

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Moving to the dining area and kitchen, we can get a real sense of the modern, sleek design style with lots of black and white features.

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In the center of the dining table, an herb garden adds a splash of green while also serving a very practical purpose.

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The smooth black cabinetry manages to reflect light just enough that it doesn’t make the space feel too enclosed.

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And a small en suite bath maintains the home’s style.

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The next interior takes the white palette even further.

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Ultra-modern sofas are starkly angular.

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While a unique architectural element makes it look as though you could unzip the window for an even more panoramic view.

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That element carries over into the bedroom, where a cozy platform bed sits nestled into the wall.

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The third home uses indoor greenery to great effect with a massive planting that doubles as a room divider.

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The dining set is beautiful in its wood and neutral simplicity.

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The stair case uses suspension wires, letting the home stay open and giving anyone ascending a heavenly feeling.

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In the kitchen, a small breakfast table and heavy slab countertop benefit from streams of natural light.

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The next home we’ll look at makes an amazing feature out of a home library, hiding away behind a beautiful wood wall, or putting it on display when it’s in use.

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In another example of the hidden bookshelf, this design makes it easy to entertain when the work area can be tucked away out of sight.

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Modern wood chairs are molded to be comfortable without upholstery.

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A custom wall lets the television and media storage sit completely out of the way without using heavy furniture.

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This space age bathroom makes use of a sharply angled ceiling.

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Downstairs, a silvery gray sofa could be just as home on the Starship Enterprise as it is in this cool, futuristic home.

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A chrome hood for the stove and geometric countertop are unique focal points for the small kitchen.

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A triangular dining table is just another quirk in this creative home.

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In this space conscious home, the bookshelves are never tucked away.

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The clean lines and simple furniture leave plenty of space for a living area, small dining table, and kitchen area.

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Creating lamps can be bent or swung around easily to give light where it’s needed.

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And a cozy breakfast bar is the perfect place to start a great day.

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This living room, dominated by wooden cabinets that match the lovely floor accents is stylishly retro.

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This simple home has everything in its place, but nothing too wild.

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You may never want to leave this spacious bedroom with a deep platform bed and cozy reading nook.

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It’s the perfect place to unwind or simply be alone with your thoughts.

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A similar bedroom makes use of a little less space and features aerodynamic chairs and cool bedside lights.

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Plus a little built-in fireplace as an added bonus.

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The final interior uses splashes of bright yellow to a sunny, perky effect.

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From throw pillows to light fixtures.

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The bookshelf is prominent but simple.

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And the dining room uses mismatched chairs for extra playfulness.

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