Wild for Wood: The House of Life

Wild for Wood: The House of Life

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Any style minded person looking for a new space often has natural hardwood floors high on their list of must haves. Thats because hardwood floors are beautiful, easy to match, and timeless. This house from the designers at RYNTOVT Design takes that impulse to a new level. From floors to walls to furniture, gorgeous and smooth natural wood, all in the same spectrum, covers virtually every surface. The finished product, using light oak, radiates a lovely warmth and really captures the beauty of all the natural light that comes along with the design.

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The open living area is spacious, which gives plenty of attention to the changing grains and shifting shades of the wood floors. The wood surfaces build up from those inspiring floors to include nest coffee tables as a well as custom built in shelving on multiple walls.

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The few elements of the home that are not made from wood use cool neutrals, like a gray sofa, silver planters, and dark slate curtains, to keep with the overall tone of the interior. Even the curtains pay homage to the trees beyond the windows with their creative silk screened tree pattern.

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Where the designer chooses to include bursts of bright color, it really stands out, starting with an oversized abstract piece in the living room. The bright colors certainly take their inspiration from nature but contrast to strikingly with the surrounding surfaces, it is as if the entire home works as a frame.

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The use of creative grooving in the shelves and cabinetry acts as simple ornamentation, allows the craftsmen behind the house to show off their skills rather than cover them with paint or hardware.

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In the kid’s room, we also get a special pop of brightness in the lime green accent wall. While green is certainly a color closely associated with nature, the shade is all but electric, giving this particular space an eye-popping effect. But wood is not far behind, particularly in the custom desk that includes unfinished branches as supports.

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Finally, the bathroom really minimizes (but does not completely ignore) the natural wood theme. Instead, gleaming white tiles and porcelain fixtures keep things simple and elegant.

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