A Hipster Inspired Design Concept for Russian Gaming Magazine Editor

A Hipster Inspired Design Concept for Russian Gaming Magazine Editor

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They say that you should dress for the job you want. But that doesnt just mean your clothes. The place you live should also be a reflection of your ambitions, passions, and dreams. In this post, were featuring a design concept from designer Denis Krasikov for the editor of Russias biggest gaming magazine. The design is hip, youthful, and a little bit dark, perfect for someone in an industry that values trends and masculinity so highly.

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The space is certainly not huge, but the way it is organized is keeps the distinct areas separate with a small living room/entertainment area (perfect for gaming) nestled in next to a home office, ideal for those late nights working with a deadline looming. Of course, the corner desk with a sleek task chair is also perfect for PC gaming.

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Away from the work area is the kitchen and another sofa, this one without a television. This way, the occupant can easily separate work from relaxation, business from pleasure. The sliding paneling that runs between the kitchen and sofa has a bit of edge to it while still serving its purpose well.

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The bedroom is unmistakably masculine, using a dark gray color palette to make everything feel private and relaxing. The abstract painting over the headboard gives just enough color while the fabric-colored light fixtures are sure to emit only the most flattering tones.

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The accessories and details throughout the house give it a distinct personality. While hipster-inspired begins to describe it – faux mounted animal heads, for instance – it is a bit more eclectic than that. The tiled backsplash in the kitchen has a bit of country chic sensibility while the polka dot shower curtain and asymmetrical tiling on the bathroom floor offer their own playful whimsy.

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