Five Unique Lofts that Use Space Creatively

Five Unique Lofts that Use Space Creatively

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From the edgy industrial-inspired loft to the softer and more eclectic artistic loft design, there are plenty of ways to make a loft interior all your own. The five homes featured here have a lofted space in common but otherwise are quite unique in the way the utilize, decorate, and celebrate that space.

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  • Designer: P S H
This first loft is the ultimate in simplicity. The angular design, with deep windows reflecting the squared off ceiling as well the flat lofted space above the main living area give the home an almost futuristic feel. Simple furnishings managed to intensify the space with sleek stained wood and minimal superfluous decoration. Although the home may not measure up in terms of square footage, the low profile furniture coupled with the lofted design make it feel positively cavernous.

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  • Visualizer: Anastasia Tuganova
This next space continues on a modern design theme, but in a bit more hospitable way. This space was visualized for a young family and intended to match the rest of the apartment building where it exists. From the ground floor, the ceilings measure up 6.5 meters (more than 21 feet). The concrete, glass, and metal used throughout the design may not scream “family friendly” but they do manage create a safe and stylish space with a reasonable dose of that industrial loft style.

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  • Visualizer: Cloud N9
The next space from Cloud N9 has a delightfully warm and elegant tone. From first glance the right brown leather furniture calls out to you. It would be just as comfortable in a mountaintop cabin as in this home with a loft. Throughout the space, colors are kept neutral, towards the darker end of the spectrum. The open floorplan allows the mod kitchen (completely with rolling ladder) to spill out into the simple, subtle dining room and in turn the main living space. The lofted bedroom upstairs brings a bit more color into play but remains calm and indeed quite cool.

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  • Visualizer: Max Zhukov
The space is on the smaller side, measuring just 24 square meters (250 square feet). The loft was necessary here because there is no other division between rooms. Overall the sunny space, which uses white walls and playfully colored floor to create the illusion of more room, trends towards feminine and whimsical to great effect.

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  • Architect: Fabrizia Luciano
  • Visualizer: Jakub Komrska
The final space, which is a flat in Prague, is modern and enviable in its simplicity. We see how white can overtake a space and bring an undeniable warmth. The white painted brick contrasts with the exposed wood beams for a mishmash of the rustic and the sophisticated.

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