An Industrial-Inspired Apartment With Sophisticated Style

An Industrial-Inspired Apartment With Sophisticated Style

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With renovated warehouses taking the world by storm in cities where housing space is at a premium, an exciting interior style trend has cemented itself into the worlds design lexicon: modern industrial. Its a practical way to embrace the original bones and functionality of a space, and it just so happens to look fabulously sophisticated when done right. This gorgeous apartment features all the luxuries of a modern home wrapped into a gorgeous industrial theme - its classy, stylish, and perfectly embodies the bleeding edge attitude and constant reinvention of urban life. Careful, you just might fall in love!

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  • Visualizer: Konstantin Kildinov
Concrete, coated steel, and unfinished wood are among the perfect ingredients that flavor this industrial interior. Unlike many industrial interiors, this one doesn’t shy away from color – it makes immediate impression with a cool gray and yellow color theme, highlighting the incredible energy of the design.

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Smart furniture adds a stylish and refined edge. Modular seating is a great choice for a home as spacious as this one – this handsome sofa is from the Peanut B series by Mauro Lipparini. All of the liners are completely removable so even the fabric colors are modular. Neat, right?

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The ottoman is also from the Peanut B series. Its vibrant yellow liner has a much coarser texture to coordinate with the rugged aesthetic of the home.

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Tucked away in a corner of the living room, a little geometric chair peeks out from a tiny office space. This highly original design is the work of Konstantin Grcic, released by Magis in 2003. Everything about this chair makes it perfect for this apartment, from the concrete base to the structural seat.

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A streamlined bookshelf hides in the side of the chimneybreast above the faux-fireplace.

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Unique grate-style treads give this staircase a very modern industrial look.

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The kitchen is just a breath away from minimalism – the only decoration comes from the materials used to build it, like the characteristic concrete cabinets and light natural-finish wood.

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Rather than using a backsplash, this designer opted for a full wall of corrugated glass. A ghostly silhouette of the stairs adds to the aesthetic.

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Wireflow pendant lamps by Arik Levy draw the eye upward toward the cables routed neatly along the ceiling. It’s impossible to hide conduit in warehouse remodels – at least, not without some serious work – but a neat arrangement can make all the difference.

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Red chain link fencing provides a barrier around the mezzanine and adds some industrial character to the vertical garden in the background. Comfy-looking blue and yellow loungers complete the playful primary color theme.

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This particular visualization features a great combination of all the rugged materials used throughout the apartment. Chipped concrete, coated steel, exposed brick, and corrugated glass – all relatively inexpensive materials that look amazingly sophisticated together.

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There are so many things to love about this bedroom! Corrugated glass above the bed reflects lots of light back into the room. The extensive library is accessible by a minimalistic wooden ladder, and neat Hive tables/ottomans provide multipurpose utility.

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Even the empty spaces look lovely.

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Yellow and black are energizing colors perfectly suited to a modern home gym.

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The wood door leading to the bathroom has a stylish unfinished look.

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Black-painted brick and a full-length mirror give the bathroom a moody and sophisticated appeal. Yellow indirect light ties back to the home’s distinctive color theme and contributes to the relaxing atmosphere.

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These slatted shelves would make a fantastic DIY project for any industrial-inspired home design. Of course, the industrial style lends itself to do-it-yourselfers in so many ways already.

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