An Amazing Cantilever Home With Brilliantly Integrated Courtyards

An Amazing Cantilever Home With Brilliantly Integrated Courtyards

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Do you love cantilever architecture? This home features a dramatic contrast between heavy forms and open voids, balancing its weight as if to taunt gravity while offering borderless interactions with the world outdoors. The architects and interior designers at NOTT visualized this concept for a residential property in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, and the result sparks a sense of curiosity in a the most wonderful way. An expanse of glass wraps around each side of the first level shielded only in select places by natural wood cladding, hiding a comfortable and welcoming interior within. And the views? Spectacular from every angle!

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  • Architect: NOTT
Let’s start with an especially eye-catching scene. The upper volume looks mysterious and opaque from this angle, while the living room and kitchen are clearly visible through the large black-framed windows.

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Three seating arrangements can accommodate a number of guests outdoors. And by sliding open some of the windows, the boundaries between indoors and out simply disappears.

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Each outdoor seating area looks out onto a fantastic view, like the rock garden just across the patio from these cozy cocoon-like lounge chairs.

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Here’s our first peek into the interior. The theme is simple and minimalistic with light wood paneling and stone details. Here, the living room enjoys a bold rug and distinctive lighting choices including the iconic Fortuny stage lamp and a group of drawstring pendants.

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Each angle offers a unique perspective of the beautiful landscape outdoors.

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In some rooms, the outdoors surrounds the occupant on all sides. Here, in front of one of many fireplaces, residents can keep an eye on kids playing in the pool or can soak up the light from the partially screened patio.

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Overlooking the manicured lawn and distant waterfront sits the spacious and comfortable dining table, furnished with Flow collection chairs by Jean-Marie Massaud and illuminated by a series of pendants.

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There will never be a shadow in any corner long as the sun is shining thanks to the unique indoor/outdoor interplay.

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Generous overhang protects the patio seating arrangement from rain and harsh sun, and as demonstrated in this photo, provides a nice covered path for walking the dog or getting a little exercise.

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The outdoor dining area also enjoys overhead cover, illuminated by recessed lighting for easy entertainment at night. The pillars solidify the strong Le Corbusier influence at work here.

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While the pillars in the previous photo hinted at Le Corbusier, the open glass walls are more reminiscent of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

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Check out that incredible staircase between the firewood and the sofa arrangement.

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Just gorgeous! While the kitchen island would ordinarily block the sun, this angled skylight bathes the kitchen workspace in warm and natural illumination.

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Even the paths to and from the house are covered for a pleasant experience anywhere on the property. With multiple points of access from anywhere on the grounds, the possibilities for interaction seem limitless.

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Imagine waking up in the bedroom that occupies this cantilever volume and experiencing the sunrise from its luxurious vantage point.

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Although the gardens lack any vivacious blooms or especially exotic plants, these little recessed courtyards are sculptural in their beauty. Tending and tidying the stones offer a relaxing source of weekend meditation.

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Because the courtyard gardens are so uncomplicated and refined, even the slightest change in season would affect the color and shadows found among the stones. With each corner turned, something new reveals itself.

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Dramatic and brilliantly composed through and through – and shows that there’s always more to explore in the world of minimalistic modern architecture.

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