A Modern Apartment With Classical Features

A Modern Apartment With Classical Features

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Located in the heart of Kiev, this modern apartment by YØ DEZEEN uses a strong contemporary interior design theme accented with classical ornamentation. This sense of contrast heightens the effect of both influences and helps to underscore the attractive greyscale contrast used throughout. Artwork, vivid accent colors, and intricate details bring this otherwise streamlined interior to life. Its a luxurious home designed with a young family in mind, easy to adapt to changing tastes and space requirements – the designers knew more than just what it needed, but also considered what it may need to become.

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The interior is spacious and open but makes good use of partial walls and hefty pillars to create a sense of division between functional spaces. Greyscale dominates the interior color theme, allowing the oxidized red accents to appear even richer. Intricate wall panel boiserie introduces the most historically relatable feature.

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In the kitchen, dark and moody cabinetry offers a sophisticated backdrop. The cladding’s distressed texture ties into the classical ornamentation throughout the home, including the paneling to the right. Creative features make this space special – including the vibrant greenery planted in the combination stove hood / island light.

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A formal dining room occupies a bright space just around the corner from the kitchen. The living room is right on the other side of the concrete wall to the left. To the right, a mirrored wall reflects all the natural lighting back into the room and makes the entire home feel connected to this important space.

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Whereas the floorboards run diagonally in the social areas, they flawlessly guide the eye in a straight line down the hallway. This passage leads to the private areas of the home. Intricate boiserie steps aside and lets the ornamentation of natural wood take center stage.

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Classical influence takes its strongest form in the master bedroom. Woodcut style artwork spans the length of the headboard wall – rather than hanging artwork, the wall itself becomes a piece to admire. The bed’s frame helps further emphasize the artwork behind it: not obscured in any way.

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Each of the two bathrooms adopts a different style. This bath, attached to the master bedroom, continues the dark grey-and-black theme present throughout the main space. Rich stone, dark wood, and reflected ambiance bring this bathroom to the next level.

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A children’s bedroom – shared by two siblings – combines sleek modernism with classic Art Deco influence. This space is lighter than the rest of the home, boosting the mood of the young occupants and reducing distraction during study time.

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The lights are from the Prop series by Bertjan Pot.

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Classic elements include dark boards and ornate wall paneling on the dry side of the bathroom, with rich marble in the shower enclosure. The marble sink vessel is carved from the corner for an interesting aged effect.

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And finally, a look at the more public bathroom. It feels immediately welcoming and brght upon entry thanks to the extensive use of translucent marble. Classical elements still form a distinctive impression of this bathroom – one large panel borders the back of the toilet, reflected through the tall mirror just opposite.

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