3 Modern Apartments with Chic Rooms for the Kids

3 Modern Apartments with Chic Rooms for the Kids

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When a stylish couple wants to settle down and start a family, it can be a challenge to marry the design ideas of the adults with the needs of a child. In the three apartments featured in this post, designers have found a way to do just that. A playful kids room need not fall victim to a deluge of toys. Rather, choosing the simplify and keep things organized while incorporating playful, colorful, and interactive elements will make a space that is fun for the children and still attractive to the adults. Take a look at the three apartments below to get ideas for your own family space.

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  • Visualizer: Espace Team
An open living room with clean lines doesn’t need a ton of space to feel big.

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Indoor plants always brighten up a space that is otherwise largely neutral

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When the living area flows into the dining room, everything feels bigger and it is easy to entertain.

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Natural wood features give an otherwise modern space a bit of a rustic feeling.

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Incorporating a child’s bedroom does not have to mean sacrificing design, as seen here.

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The cozy sleeping area easily accommodates sleepovers with its sectional design.

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Opposite the sleeping cubby is a drawing wall, inspiring creativity in anyone who comes into the room, as well as a unique table lamp that adds a pop of color.

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For the parents’ room, the theme bends towards tropical.

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The wood beam ceiling is another natural, yet modern, element.

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  • Designer: Nataly Solovey
This next home also features the spacious flow of an open floor plan.

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An overstuffed sectional sofa in the living room is positively inviting for parents, children, and guests alike.

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Using custom shelving to create a divider wall is creative and practical.

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The design here goes to show you don’t need a mansion to have a cute (and useful) kitchen island.

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Even a smaller home can have room for a home office if things are arranged right.

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Moving into the little girl’s room we get pretty pops of pastel pink.

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A pint sized teepee is a perfect hideout for kids of all ages.

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Despite the color scheme, this room doesn’t get too girly.

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Many bedtime stories are sure to be read on this beautiful plush pink sofa.

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And every little girl should be encouraged to dream.

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Of course, dreams won’t get you too far if you don’t have place to study.

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The purple from the little girl’s room carries over into the accent throw in the master bedroom.

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A simple platform bed keeps the room looking sleek.

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Smaller spaces call for an absolutely organized closet.

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Tiled bathroom walls give a warm, unified feeling.

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The neutral colors throughout the bathroom make it feel comfortable and zen, which is exactly what you want.

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You can see in the floorplan just how well the space is utilized in this design.

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  • Architect: O.M. Shumelda
  • Designer: O.M. Shumelda
In this final apartment for a small family in Lviv, a large dog sketch takes center stage in the living room.

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The yellow sofa and striped rug give the design a chic feel while custom wall storage adds practicality.

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Lucite dining chairs are highly modern and make the space that much more open.

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The kids’ room here features a unique double desk for twice the homework.

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Sleek wood floors are stylish while also easy to clean.

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A unique bed from and kids night light bring a sense of childhood wonder into the space.

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The parents’ room has its own sense of playful that many white bedrooms might not accomplish.

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Track lighting is modern and creative in this bedroom setting.

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