Super Compact Spaces: A Minimalist Studio Apartment Under 23 Square Meters

Super Compact Spaces: A Minimalist Studio Apartment Under 23 Square Meters

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Designed by Barinov Andrey, this compact apartment design tests the limits of space conservation. Thanks to multipurpose living spaces and a super efficient layout, this apartment feels far more spacious than its actual size would indicate. In fact, this compact home measures in at just under 23 square meters! Simple decor and streamlined furniture keeps the interior feeling bright and uncomplicated – a dream for any fan of minimalist design. At the end of the tour, youll find a collection of useful floor plans to show exactly how this impressive space came together.

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The tour opens with a look at the versatile main volume that serves almost all of the resident’s day-to-day needs, from sleeping to dining to entertainment.

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Rather than taking up extra space with a full dining table, the designer chose a simple cantilever design with a pair of kitchen bar stools.

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While standard furniture would take up significant visual real estate, this low-profile table design only blocks about four or five inches of the view across the room.

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Although it’s just a minor detail, every accessory can make a huge impact in a home this minimalistic. These unique pitchers aren’t just useful but also contribute beauty to the room as well.

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Almost all of the rightmost wall contains storage space. The bedroom, at the far end, extends storage potential even more with drawers built directly into the bed platform.

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Just behind the dining nook, a simple little bed area enjoys a sunny space equally suited to casual reading in the daytime or stargazing at night.

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The bed platform doubles as a table for a coffee mug, books, or anything else the resident might need for a quiet Saturday morning in bed. Above, there’s a little rack to hold pencils and reading glasses.

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An attractive pegboard system offers a highly flexible alternative to traditional decorative wall hooks. Arrange as desired and enjoy plenty of room for jackets, purses, and even shoes.

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Nearby, the entryway makes a strong first impression with bold floor tiles and slat wood walls.

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LEDs integrated above the slats provide soft illumination that won’t disturb residents in the evening, easily lighting the way to the bathroom in the evenings.

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While not as versatile as a full-length mirror, this little artistic arrangement still makes it easy to quickly check hair or makeup before heading out for the evening.

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With a neon magenta light, the bathroom definitely seems to channel a little vaporwave inspiration.

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But once that light is turned off, it becomes just another clean and simple minimalist space much like the rest of the home.

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The floor tiles are actually the same ones used in the entryway, an economical use of materials.

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Since it’s a relatively private area, bathrooms are a great place to take design risks!

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If you’re curious to know more about how the architects managed to fit so much functionality into such a small space, these floor plans might help you get a clearer picture.

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