Luxury Apartment Interior Design Using Copper: 2 Gorgeous Examples

Luxury Apartment Interior Design Using Copper: 2 Gorgeous Examples

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We all like the idea of luxury. But while there may be a certain style of interior design that evokes the word, isnt true luxury just being able to create the space you want? Just because you can afford those trappings of generic luxury like gold accessories and expansive kitchens does not mean that such a design will feel like luxury to you. For the two homes featured here, there are certainly common indicators of a sumptuous design, including lush fabrics and of course, the stunning reflective warmth of copper accents, but there is also a clear focus on the importance of comfort, which is what makes any home a truly luxurious experience.

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  • Visualizer: IQOSA Architect
While this post exists to call attention to copper accents, in this first home it is virtually impossible to ignore the metal’s impact .

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A copper accent wall not only feel luxurious, but also reflects a muted light that’s quite flattering for all surrounding objects.

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The texture of the copper wall is also worth mentioning as an attention to mixed textures is evident throughout the space.

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The home feels quite open, largely in part thanks to the glass wall that separates the main living area from the bedroom.

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The furniture in the living room is quite modern in its dark materials and creative lines.

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For instance, the dark kitchen bar stools have a mid-century style but still feel quite current.

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The use of many low, long lines is another design technique to make the space feel bigger.

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The kitchen uses dark wood, but also open, white shelving, which feels clean and practical.

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A small caramel-colored bench near the entryway is a perfect perch for removing your shoes and acts as a lovely accessory otherwise.

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In the bedroom a bit more decadent color comes into play with this luscious red floor bed design.

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The glass wall allows light to filter in from the living room windows and onto the warm, light flooring.

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Even light from the stunning fireplace feature can come in through the creatively designed wall.

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The bathroom feels quite sleek, from black toilet to simple toilet paper holder, without some of the opulence you might expect in a luxury bath.

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Still, luxurious materials from marble tile to smooth, dark wood are certainly a classy choice.

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For example, the unique coffee tables that are rimmed in reflective copper are very eye-catching.

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Marble end tables that tuck around the couch are both convenient and stylish.

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Again we can see the importance of textures, here with nubby sofas and slick wood flooring.

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The neutral tones in the furniture ensure that the copper accents do not become garish or overwhelming.

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Bare stone is another creative material used for accent surfaces in this space.

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This home has quite a bit of space, so the use of a large rug helps to deliniate different areas.

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The minimalist kitchen is so minimalist, it’s almost difficult to tell it’s a kitchen at all.

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Black marble counters and suspended copper light fixtures make it look more like a bar from the 1980s than a modern kitchen, but in a good way.

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The stunning wine holders in the private wine storage area do not help distinguish the kitchen from a bar.

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Moving into the home’s private space, a brown leather accent chair makes itself known in the bedroom.

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The accent chair works well with the brown leather bed frame and distressed rug.

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A cactus theme does its best to make the bedroom not-so-inviting, but the copper planters seem to beg to be touched.

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Pendant lighting is a natural choice for this dark bedroom.

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Dark wood flooring and recessed overhead lighting elongate the corridor.

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Surprisingly, there are no copper accents to be found in the walk-in closet.

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The surfaces of the design welcome natural light, which is not necessarily as abundant as would be ideal in a space this size.

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And light colored walls only make the home feel veen bigger.

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Finally, an entryway decked out in mirrors tells visitors that this is a space that cares about its own appearance.

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