One Homes Transition To Tribal Decor

One Homes Transition To Tribal Decor

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We have covered this gloriously ethereal loft designed Paulina Arcklin once earlier, however, the unique space seems to have undergone some standout decor changes. Beautiful modern tribal decor pieces have popped up throughout the home, as well as a freestanding bathtub in the centre of the living room. The Milan apartment is an old small photo studio space of 90+15 square metres. It has a compact mezzanine area and one former darkroom, which is now utilised for the relocated bedroom. Almost every item of furniture in this eclectic home has been acquired second hand, bar a few of the very latest intriguing additions to the scene.

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Two Ay Illuminate Z1 cotton covered hanging lamps still dominate the ceiling space of a white living room. New tribal chic additions have been made in the form of Rock the Kasbah palm fibre lamps, which tie in perfectly with the raw rustic wood elements in the room.

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Two more Rock the Kasbah palm fibre lampshades hang at the far end of the open plan room.

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There is a cornucopia of interesting objects everywhere you look in this compact space. The pared back colour scheme means that the eye can meander peacefully without a jarring chaos of colour.

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Two white chaise lounges have been pushed together to form one simple couch in the centre of the white painted floor. The floor planks are reclaimed wooden train car floor pieces (140 x 55 x 5cm), which were delivered to their new Milan home all the way from Holland. A repurposed pallet coffee table has also reached its final destination, having had its wheels removed in favour of four static positioned legs.

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Behind the sofa was once the home of a large Belfast style sink unit but this has been replaced by a rustic console table and rattan storage baskets, which warmly add to the new tribal style.

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Black and white photography clipped up behind the tribal lamp features a zebra as its subject matter, giving an extra nod to the African inspired room theme.

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A more elegant display cabinet has taken the place of an industrial stacked lumber sideboard that once stood in the same spot. Its shelves have been filled with found items and even a couple of pairs of favourite shoes. Each of the many home accessories appear to have arrived here completely organically, as though they have reached the final destination to their story.

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At the opposite side of the living room, a freestanding bathtub has been given prominent placement. The Virtualbazar bathtub goes somewhat undetected at first glance within its equally white surroundings. It stands as part of a bizarre three piece suite with the living room sofa and a large Grevasoni Ghost pouf. This truly is open plan living.

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A wood burning stove has been installed by the central column.

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By Cocoon water spouts in a black finish punctuate the bathtub and washbasin areas. A rustic wooden stool acts as a shelf for soap dispensers.

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A new kitchen has been created at the far end of the open plan living room, plus a well sized dining area.

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A gas hob and a unique kitchen sink occupy a central island of white kitchen cabinets with a white worktop.

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Two authentic metal lockers provide concealed storage in the dining room.

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Kitchen crockery is casually stacked on display upon deep window sill.

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Cutlery is cupped right on the dining table itself. Kitchen supplies are held on open shelving propped against the back wall.

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The central kitchen bench doubles as a computer workstation.

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Aged panels make a non-permanent backsplash to protect the walls of the white kitchen.

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A retro fridge is under the spotlight of a black swing arm wall lamp. Two industrial style dustbins assist with recycling.

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A rustic cutting board and a cookbook holder shelf straddle the line of useful and beautiful.

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The deep distressed kitchen sink is accompanied by a modern faucet with a pull-out spray.

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Gnarled branches make a dramatic silhouette against ice white walls.

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A vintage vespa moped makes for unusual dining room decor.

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Tailors dummies provide ideal hanging places for bags, accessories and coats by the front door.

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The front doors have been uniquely decorated by inserting black and white photography into the square glass panels. Not only does it look more interesting but it provides complete privacy too.

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The shelved washbasin can be accessed from the other side of the dividing wall where the old darkroom once resided.

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Inside the old darkroom there is no more darkness to be found. Bright white decor covers the new bedroom space.

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A casual closet and dressing area is accessible from the bedroom.

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The original mezzanine bedroom has been transformed into another sitting area.

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View from the mezzanine.

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Light flows into the bedroom through its open sides.

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The mezzanine sitting room is littered with collections.

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Pallet coffee tables sit between a white sofa and another Grevasoni Ghost pouf.

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The coffee tables serve as a reading and research spot, lit by a final Rock the Kasbah palm fibre lamp.

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A small mountain of books and magazine stuff an architectural archway.

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