4 Bright Cheerful Interiors That Use White Wood To Good Effect

4 Bright  Cheerful Interiors That Use White  Wood To Good Effect

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White and wood interiors have a wonderfully light air about them, with just the right hint of warmth and texture coming from the natural grain. Having plain white walls helps to make a compact modern apartment feel more spacious within its constraints for sure, but how about splashing some extra interest and a little cheer into that contemporary decor scheme too? These four white and wood interior designs provide clarity of space whilst achieving a bright and cheerful atmosphere thanks to carefully considered layouts, uplifting accent colours, unexpected areas of en vogue pattern and trendy home accessories with an element of fun.

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  • Visualizer: Lapra Laprandiel
The first of our four white and wood based interiors is a living space that combines the kitchen, dining room and lounge areas.

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A white sofa is situated at the centre of the longest wall, decorated with one bold geometric print cushion and one a pop of blue. The couch doubles up as banquette seating since one side of the dining table is pushed up flush against it. Four white and wood dining chairs are situated around the remaining sides of the matching modern dining table.

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Black metal industrial style lighting hangs in a cluster above the rectangular table surface. Blue decorative glass vase and blue glasses on the table match the bright throw cushion on the seating.

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A neat wall mounted console unit holds electronic devices and media beneath a flat screen television.

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White kitchen cabinets span each side of the room, sandwiching the dining and lounge area in the centre.

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Monochrome geometric patterned tiles make a beautiful backsplash over each half of the divided kitchen.

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Black and white art prints are arranged as a gallery wall over the small loveseat.

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  • Designer: Zrobym Architects
Our second modern neutral based interior sees an injection of unusual colour.

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A round area rug is rich with swirls of blue, turquoise and green and walls of white curtains are dipped in aqua around this book lover’s living room.

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A unique floor lamp has an oversized black shade, peering over a beige coloured sofa.

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Extra colour explodes from a wall of books that cover one entire wall, right up to the ceiling.

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Black framed doors on bespoke storage cabinets add base notes to white and wood hallway decor.

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Running directly off the living room is an open plan kitchen, where a white table and matching Scandinavian style chairs stand on top of a wooden floor stripe; the Scandi chairs are the Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen – Fritz Hansen. Wooden kitchen cabinets act as a continuation of the floor stripe, taking it up the wall toward the ceiling to stunning effect. The wooden stripe feature sets the dining area clearly apart from the kitchen, making the two areas appear as entirely separate rooms despite their tight proximity.

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The white and wood kitchen uses plain slab fronted units for both white and wood volumes for seamless continuity.

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Simple LED strip lighting illuminates the kitchen prep area.

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  • Visualizer: Ines Käärma
Our third featured white and wood home interior also uses a splash of blue to liven things up, in the form of a glassy blue feature wall and a blue sectional sofa.

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Unusual zigzag lights adorn the ceiling in a repeat of three.

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A wooden dining table has been coupled with black modern dining chairs.

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The wood tone of the dining table matches the cabinets in the kitchen to create one cohesive visual through the open plan living space.

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To the other side of the lounge area, a double workspace stretches along a plain white wall. Two black desk chairs sit at a dual length white desk.

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Flooring throughout the home is wood plank to add a touch of warmth at the base of ice white walls.

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A teal rattan footstool sits at the base of a unique coat stand in the hallway.

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In the master bedroom there is a Tolomeo wall lamp mounted over each side of the bed. Each swing arm wall lamp can be maneuvered over a bedside unit or positioned for use as a reading light. Sheer white curtains complete the all encompassing white surround of the room. In front of the window, a black plant stand presents a moment of interest.

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Blue completely takes over in the bathroom, obliterating all woodtone from the scheme.

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White goods jostle up against a white vanity unit.

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An indoor balcony area provides a quiet spot where wood tone returns in earnest. Rustic wood plank walls and a wooden ceiling surround the impromptu arrangement of tables and chairs. Grey tile covers the floor.

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  • Visualizer: Siddharth Kinjavdekar
This apartment in the Maldives combines beachy accents of yellow and aqua across an open plan living room, in the form of modern accent chairs, scatter cushions and decorative vases.

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A slender gold floor lamp lights a spot on the modern sofa. Two cone pendant lights illuminate the dining table behind.

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Colourful indoor herb planters adorn one end of a white marble worktop. Their graphic prints pick up on the playful red chairs by the window.

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This bedroom concept expands upon the use of yellow within a white and wood bedroom decor scheme. A headboard strip light adds to the glow of two bedside table lamps..

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In the master bathroom concept we return to neutrals.

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A mocha coloured vanity unit matches the wooden portion of the floor.

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