Vietnamese Villa With Open Plan Spaces Mezzanine Levels

Vietnamese Villa With Open Plan Spaces  Mezzanine Levels

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A slick modern villa, designed by the QBI studio in Vietnam, cuts into the blue sky from lush green gardens. Led by architect Tran Le Quoc Binh, the project has a unique and youthful look that was based not only around great style but on the individual personality of the homeowners and how they use their living quarters. A balance had to be reached between artistic ideas and practicality in order to form a beautifully functional home. The facia with its angular volumes, portholes and letterbox windows is intriguing and inviting, filling us with wonder for what lies within.

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Each roof area plays host to grasses and green plants, which make the new build appear as though it has stood here forever, becoming one with the landscape.

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A modern outdoor chair and stool are settled upon an exposed patio that runs the length of the build. A lush green lawn rushes up to meet with the pure white path.

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The patio design merges with a deck around the side of the house, next to a pool with feature waterfall.

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An al fresco dining area resides on the pool patio beneath an outdoor modern wall sconce, which means the outdoor eating spot can be used well into a dark evening. Added glow comes from the interior spaces through large patio doors. The interior dining area runs directly adjacent to its outside alternative.

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Borders of lush exotic plants surround the bright blue swimming pool and bubbling waterfall feature.

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The azure pool shimmers in the sunlight.

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On the other side of the glass, the home interior is a sophisticated yet fresh scheme decorated in contrasting wood tones with crisp white walls and ceilings.

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The living room ceiling is largely covered by an impressive and eye-catching piece of sculptural wirework. The tangle of gold coloured wire is echoed by a work of modern art on the tv wall. A long wooden unit has been wall mounted below the tv, providing storage for media items and shelf space on which to display floral arrangements and other decorative vases. More flowers appear on the glass coffee table in the centre of the living room, and on a blue side table by the sofa.

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A colourful area rug anchors the living room seating arrangement in its place. Mixed hued scatter cushions on the grey leather sofa and chairs pick out the different shades in the rug’s weave.

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Wirework shadows and tree reflections from the garden project over the pure white walls of the spacious interior. The glow of interior lights dance across glossy floors.

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The back of the living room cuts away at an angle to reveal an open walkway into a formal dining room. The room houses an impressive Live Edge dining table that can seat up to 10 diners.

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Display shelves in the dining room can be viewed from the living room on the opposite side. The twinkling dining room pendant lights shine right on through the open display case.

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The flooring in the dining room is of a darker tone to the floor in the lounge, which grants the two spaces their own identity. The dining room ceiling is wood clad to match the floor, and to create a cosier, more intimate social spot.

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It’s in the dining room that we find the porthole window first seen on the home’s facade, along with a letterbox picture window. Patio doors on the second aspect keep the room light and bright. There are another set of doors at the opposite end to make a cooling through-breeze.

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There is another porthole window in the upper half of the double height living room, running level with the mezzanine landing. Here, the ornate staircase balustrade becomes a contemporary clear glass barrier; the transparency keeps the space open and visually dramatic.

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There is a communal study area upstairs, in an open plan library that is passed by the staircase.

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A rocking chair sits in front of filtered sunlight and views through a wood slat wall.

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The ornate staircase design gives the interior a flourish of classic beauty.

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The master bedroom has been split into two halves. In the sleep space, a white and wood winged headboard is set between two matching units with glass bedside table lamps.

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Behind the headboard a mid century modern dresser acts as a room divider. The second half of the bedroom has been made into a study.

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A walk-in wardrobe with island is finished in blue and rich wood tone – a subtle colour story that runs through the entire home.

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Blue display shelves decorate the wall just outside of the bathroom, where a makeup vanity fills the first half of the room.

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The second part of the bathroom is accessed below a panel of stained glass, and is home to a freestanding bathtub that stands out on a bed of pebbles.

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More high ceilings upstairs create the opportunity for another mezzanine level.

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There is a home theatre in the villa.

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The second sofa in the home cinema has been raised to provide a less obstructed view via the people in font.

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Exterior lights make the home and garden a welcoming place by night.

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When lit, the planting becomes a dramatic part of the architecture.

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The build looks intriguing from the street.

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