Using Green and Pink As Decor Accents

Using Green and Pink As Decor Accents

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Two strong colour accents are at play in this modern interior design, visualised by Ruslan Kovalchuk. Predominantly white room schemes alternate between either bold green or blush pink accent pieces, whilst natural wood grains and light grey textiles bring in other subtle hues. The home is completely free from pattern, which makes for a very peaceful and calming visual. Furniture and fixtures are all clean and modern, no-fuss, no-frills, yet the home still feels welcoming and warm. The cosy minimalist look is achieved with balanced room arrangements - holding neither too little nor too much. Small decorative items and chic pendant lights add just the right amount of flourish without crowding the scene.

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A split level living room holds the lounge on its lower half, whilst a one wall kitchen with island and formal dining area are a step up. Only the lounge carries any colour, with a bold racing green coloured sofa. Black accent pieces tie the lounge to the black dining chairs behind it, and to the dark integrated kitchen appliances.

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Glass doors draw closed around the modern sofa and lounge area to make it a cosier space, sectioning it from an entryway and the kitchen. The doors also come in handy to close off kitchen noise and cooking smells.

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An architectural support wall serves as a room divider between the open plan living room design and a hallway organisation area by the stairs. A shoe bench stands against the opposite side of the wall, beneath a coat hook.

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Two white kitchen bar stools offer a more casual spot to dine at on overhang on the centre island. The white kitchen island offers contrast against a bank of walnut cabinets that tower across the back wall of the room. You can find more inspirational ideas for white and wood kitchens here.

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The island kitchen has a black sink and faucet combo in its light countertop.

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An unusual staircase design rises through the house, materialising first as a solid wooden block of steps and storage, before transforming into a floating black metal balustrade and suspended steps.

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The twisting staircase is reflected in a tall glass mirror, which is backlit with an LED strip. A volume of white storage cabinets flank one side of the stairwell.

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Inside the master suite, the bedroom wooden accent wall follows along in the same mellow walnut tones as seen in the kitchen and on the lower half of the unique staircase. A fabric double bed is upholstered in rich teal, and set upon a matching rug.

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Scatter cushions take the teal accent colour over to a window reading nook, where a bespoke seat fills the bay.

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Textured glass closet doors offer a mysterious hint of the wardrobe contents without putting the entire collection loudly on show.

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Opposite the foot of the bed, a flat screen tv and media cabinet are nestled into a purpose built nook at the centre of a white fitted wardrobe installation.

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A second double bedroom offers a soft white and blush pink decor scheme. A padded headboard design has been fashioned out of pink padded sections along two thirds, with the final third being a plain white panel. A orb shaped bedroom pendant light dangles in front of the white headboard section, above a long white bedside unit. Two gooseneck wall sconces provide reading light nearer to the pillows.

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The white and pink headboard feature is lit along its upper edge by a strip of LEDs, which create a beautifully subtle glow. The pink bed stands on a two-tone pink and grey area rug.

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The bedroom tv wall decor is a wooden panel that seems to lightly float a few inches from the wall, with a flat screen tv at its centre.

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Two hanging chairs occupy the space by the windows. Linen curtains match their natural rattan hue. Potted plants create a little indoor flower garden on the floor around them.

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White double doors conceal a built-in closet on the opposite side of the room to the windows. A white quilted comforter dresses the bed.

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The bathroom follows the same pink and white colour scheme as seen in the second bedroom, with an unusual pink double sink bathroom vanity unit. Two shallow storage drawers rest below twin sunken basins. A frameless backlit bathroom vanity mirror echoes the long linear shape of the wall mounted pink cabinet.

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A wall hung toilet and bidet are situated opposite the vanity, on a false wall that has been built to hide away the toilet cistern and plumbing. The false wall also offers space for toiletries storage at one end. An installation of tall cabinets fill the far end of the room, along with a second tower of practical display shelving. The shelves are picked out in a slice of pink to complement the rest of the adjacent wash zone.

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A blush pink bench stands inside the shower. Tiny white hexagonal mosaic tiles cover the shower wall – the closest thing to pattern in the entire apartment. A black rainfall shower descends from the ceiling of the stark enclosure. Black faucets at the basins and a black flush plate match with the dark shower fixture.

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