Pink And Wood Decor Studio Apartment [With Video Tour]

Pink And Wood Decor Studio Apartment [With Video Tour]

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Pink and wood decor delicately fills this quirky little studio apartment, designed by Zrobym. Located in Minsk, Belarus, the small home has an area of just 46 square metres. The designers removed all partitions from the home, other than to section off the bathroom, to expand the main living area to its maximum potential. Light and simple decor pushes focus to the form and functionality of furniture. All of the materials incorporated are ecological and natural. Indoor plants grow life and free-form into the pared back scheme, whilst mismatched plant pots, books and a few collected items throw in a dash of personality.

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Black electrical wiring has been left exposed across the ceiling of this white living space, in order to add a design feature to the plain room; surface mounting the wiring also presents a budget friendly solution. A double headed black floor lamp bends to provide plentiful task lighting over a soft pink sofa.

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Speakers sit below a projection of an enormous digital wall clock that shines from a movie projector, which is affixed to the ceiling just behind the lounge area. A print of the Andy Warhol banana, from his famous cover of The Velvet Underground Nico debut album, provides another quirky focal point propped by the speakers on the floor.

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A small square coffee table serves the pale sofa. By day the sofa is a place to hang out or to watch movies on the projector; by night the coffee table is moved to allow the sofa to be transformed into a bed for the homeowner. The size of the main living space was deemed more important than having a separate sleep space or a permanently set out double bed.

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Pale pink paintwork makes a deep stripe along the base of the walls in this room. A white accent chair nestles in the corner of the room by the window. See more modern accent chairs.

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An interesting modern bench seat has matching shelves at each side, which hold a small library of books and a few decorative items.

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A single structural column remains in the common area, after the removal of the rest of the partition walls.

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A light and textured area rug softens the wood flooring.

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Wooden storage cupboards have been installed at one side of the lounge area, which help to visually section off the home entryway and passageway to the shower room.

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To the left of the front door, there is a bench seat where one can comfortably sit to deal with shoes. The cushioned seat also features a small set of drawers to one side, which are perfect for storing keys and mail. A set of decorative wall hooks protrude from a wood clad wall to keep coats and hats tidy – beneath a tiny reptile!

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A tall mirror has been propped against the wooden feature wall, so you can check your appearance before you dash out the door.

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A poster decorates one face of the central support column.

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The small kitchen area spans just one wall behind the lounge.

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A dining spot for two people is sandwiched in the limited space between the one wall kitchen and the lounge area.

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Mismatched chairs are seated at the neat round dining table.

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A simple glass vase of flowers makes a pretty centrepiece.

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Behind the pink sofa, a low sideboard provides extra storage.

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The kitchen itself has a handcrafted look. Handle-free wood slab cupboard doors only partially cover each cabinet, leaving finger spaces across their tops.

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Some of the units have been left completely open at the front and back, in a no nonsense kind of fashion. The ducting attached to the cooker hood has been left exposed, which adds an industrial vibe to the budget kitchen. A grey countertop and backsplash complement the metallic elements.

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A rag runner is set along the foot of the two tone wood base units.

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Sliding screen doors conceal the shower room.

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A pale pink and white decor scheme awaits behind the semi-translucent doors.

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The wood frame doors can be opened in a various order along the ceiling runner.

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A round wood framed vanity mirror faces the doors to the shower room.

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Bathroom walls are lined in pink, whilst the floor is defined in grey. A wall mounted basin, without a bulky vanity unit underneath, helps the small floor area feel more spacious. A standard shower enclosure occupies the corner of the room.

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The toilet has been sectioned off from the wash area by a wooden door, marked with a white heart. A set of wooden wall hooks keep the towels up off the floor.

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The home floor plan shows the main living room as it would appear with the sofa bed opened out into a sleeping position. We can also see from this birds eye view that the window wall of the lounge is not at a right angle with the rest of the room, and that the freestanding bench and flourishing plants disguised this anomaly. It is also possible to find the wc in this illustration, which hides behind the inner door of the shower room.

Here is the video:

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