Luxury Property In Beverly Hills With Lap Pool And State Of The Art Movie Theatre

Luxury Property In Beverly Hills With Lap Pool And State Of The Art Movie Theatre

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Up at the top of Carla Ridge in Beverly Hills, a newly completed 20,000 square foot seeks an owner. Carla House, designed by accomplished architects Noah Walker and Will Pyatt at Los Angeles based firm Walker Workshop, frames far reaching views from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood Sign. The architecture features two wings that flank a 2,000 square foot upper deck, above an 84 foot long lap pool with infinity edge. Inside, the luxury continues with spa facilities and a state of the art movie theater. Exposed concrete and warm woods colour the walls. Large expanses of glass celebrate the 1.2 acres of flat land that surrounds the home, and the exceptional views way beyond.

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The modern exterior features a void in the middle of two ‘wings’ that make up the top floor. Between the two volumes, a sun deck stretches out beneath the sunny skies of Beverly Hills.

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By night, the property comes alive with glowy exterior lighting, and interior lighting sources pour out through glass walls that wrap around the home.

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Glass balustrades guarding the upper and lower decks go almost unseen, ensuring that the only thing standing between the house and the views of the Hollywood sign is the weather conditions.

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Green landscaping paints a green border around the white concrete and timber home exterior.

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The architectural overhang reflects in the water’s surface with dramatic effect.

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As we approach the build from the other direction, it is possible to see right through to the other side of the home and its magnificent views, thanks to the prolific installation of windows. The architecture manifests like wooden archways that one could journey under and out of without obstruction.

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Glass doors slide open to give entry at the end of a modern pathway of concrete slabs. A mature tree gives shade at one side, and also draws the eye upward to the top deck.

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More trees grow in the neatly landscaped surroundings, which are flanked with timber clad walls that stretch out a warm welcome.

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Sliding doors retract to adjoin the indoor and outdoor spaces, and to let a cooling breeze blow through.

  • 11 |
Exterior lighting accentuates the plant life around the property, from the mature trees rooted in the garden up to potted plants that are settled on the concrete sun deck.

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Three steps lead down into a grey modern living room design, arranged beneath a warmly wood clad ceiling.

  • 13 |
Two nesting coffee tables and a round pouf fill in the gap between two pale grey sofas, which face each other across the large room in a conversational manner. Two grey modern armchairs gaze toward the steps.

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A modern staircase design rises behind the grey living room.

  • 15 |
Another lounge area resides parallel to the pool deck, this time with a formal dining area attached.

  • 16 |
A round coffee table makes a perfect pairing for a crescent shaped sofa in this relaxation space with transcendent views.

  • 17 |
Colourful artwork complements the teal hue of the sofa upholstery; wood panelling provides a textured mount.

  • 18 |
Yet another living room stands furnished with a curving sofa arrangement. A square coffee table duo and square floor poufs chequer the floor, complementing two sets of very square shaped chairs at either side of the room.

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On the opposite side of a partition wall, a luxurious marble and wood kitchen stretches out in a galley formation.

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The kitchen bar backs onto a pool table, set below two enormous black pendant light shades.

  • 21 |
Each staircase in the house opens into the rooms rather than being separated by hallways or a lobby.

  • 22 |
A much larger kitchen arrangement is home to two huge islands.

  • 23 |
The islands divide the modern kitchen into galleys, equipped to provide for parties of guests.

  • 24 |
Bar stools perch along the length of one of the kitchen islands.

  • 25 |
This clean white kitchen with stainless steel worktops looks serious about the business of catering to the masses. A tangle of black pendant lights above each of the two islands adds a blast of individual style.

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The rising staircase is broken into volumes of clear glass and solid wood.

  • 27 |
The sharp timber balustrade in the staircase design appears as though it has cut into the concrete floor, like a knife through butter.

  • 28 |
Light floods into the stairwell via glass walls and skylights.

  • 29 |
One entire corner of the master bedroom is cut away to provide a private balcony, but edge-to-edge glass walls make the outdoor area remain part of the room.

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A bedroom lounge area takes up to opposite corner of the room, coloured with plum purple accent chairs.

  • 32 |
Dual aspect panoramic windows reveal breathtaking views around a freestanding bathtub.

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A second double bedroom is blessed with a luxury ensuite and its own balcony access.

  • 34 |
A double vanity unit stretches along one side of a partition wall, with the shower enclosure and tub located on the other.

  • 35 |
Sunset views make for a relaxing evening soak.

  • 36 |
A state of the art home movie theatre is set over three tiers to give everyone a great view of the screen.

  • 37 |
Made-to-measure closet systems fill a walk-in wardrobe.

  • 38 |
A slightly wider wardrobe design is kitted out with a central accessory island.

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Birdseye view.

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