Uber Chic Umber Decor

Uber Chic Umber Decor

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Umber pigments were found on cave paintings from the neolithic period, one of the first colours painted by humans, and yet it lends itself marvellously to the modern interior. Raw umber is a rich natural brown or reddish-brown earth shade that builds warmth. Put a little fire to it and a pronounced burnt umber shade can be utilised for added intensity in a contemporary setting. In the two umber home interiors we’ll look at today, the shade is balanced out with black and white elements, and moments of greenery for added freshness. Of course natural elements vibe easily with the earth colour, but these modern mixes bring the historical hue bang up to date.

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  • Designer: ArtPartner Studio
  • Visualizer: Illya Kovalchuk
In the first of our two inspirational umber interiors, burnt umber was chosen for its reassuring depth. At the same time it was critical to create a light space attuned to the comfort of the modern cave dweller! White walls and natural materials, such as concrete and wood, have been brought together with black anchor pieces to build a bold and confident space.

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The lounge furniture is low and modern. A beige sectional sofa compliments light wood floors. A stylish black coffee table skims a grey area rug.

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A floor lamp by the sofa is an unusual frame design, which is complemented by the modern artwork behind it.

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In addition to the modern sofa, a window seat provides seating for the room. The piece crosses both of the large windows in the room, and continues around onto the adjacent wall where it morphs into a long media unit. The window seat also cleverly disguises the radiators–an idea that was implemented in the bedroom too.

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When movie night rolls around, a projector screen pulls down in front of the regular TV.

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A dining island stands tall behind the low modern sofa, with six black barstools stood around it.

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Suspended shelving over the kitchen island has decorative function; a planter on top is thick with foliage that makes a fresh green statement in the room. The kitchen bar light is mounted to the underside of the hanging shelf.

  • 8 |
Three of the bar stools have a perfect view of the home cinema screen.

  • 9 |
A white and umber hallway leads to the bedroom.

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Orb bedroom pendant lights are versions of the kitchen bar light. Common elements like these, along with a consistent colour palette, gives the apartment a comforting flow between zones. The same style of artwork is also found here, propped casually behind one of the bedside tables. The bedsides have been picked out in contrasting finishes–one black, one white–to take the look offbeat and edgy.

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A black glass sliding door cuts through an umber feature wall.

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There is a black glass mirror propped against the adjacent wall, where white ribbed wall panelling defines the dressing zone of the room.

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Even the kid’s room design has foundations in an earthy hue.

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  • Designer: ToTaste
Our second tour is cut from a cosier cloth. A cushiony sofa is plump with soft pillowy stuffing, an indoor hammock reclines across the room, and walls are filled with interesting art and moments of pattern. The chaise end of the sofa introduces a burst of emerald green botanicals.

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The umber treatment in this living room is kept mainly to the ceiling and the upper quarter of the kitchen wall, which cosily cocoons the space.

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Golden TV wall decor lusters beneath an antique patina. The TV itself is mounted within heavy molding, framed like a prized picture.

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The kitchen has modern rustic charm built from oak and concrete.

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A circular chandelier puts a crown on the lounge area, whereas a linear chandelier spans the rectangular length of the dining table.

  • 20 |
Plaited fabric weaves a comfy mattress over the indoor hammock.

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Monochrome checkered curtains make the place look extra homey.

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The hallway storage unit has a unique design spread across its doors and integrated shelving unit. Wood grain and monochrome chevrons team up with thick black line work and elliptical motifs to make an eye-catching piece of applied art.

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The closet stands open to the room, but has the option of being concealed behind curtains.

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Blue wall art continues the colour theme.

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An arched window-style mirror is positioned to assist with dressing, and helps bounce light around the room.

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A half circle vanity mirror is mounted on a narrow wall area, where it serves a small dressing table.

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The dressing table is an antique cast iron Singer sewing machine table frame, with a stunning live edge wood top. A modern blue vanity chair makes an eclectic accompaniment.

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Large grey wall tiles build a dark backdrop for white sanitaryware and raw timber bathroom furniture.

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White marble tiles bring a little luxe around the built-in bathtub and across the floor.

  • 34 |
An antique gold finish concertina wall lamp pulls out over the vanity, whilst the rest of the bathroom fittings look crisp in chrome.

  • 35 |
Geometric wooden tiles form a unique headboard wall design in a teal master bedroom.

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Red strip lights stripe a concrete ceiling.

  • 38 |
Houndstooth tiles make a huge statement in a small bathroom.

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Hollywood wall lights divide the vanity area from a utility tower.

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A modern laundry basket compliments the wooden vanity unit. See more laundry baskets.

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