Three Enviable Industrial Style Interiors

Three Enviable Industrial Style Interiors

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Three industrial style interiors with three distinctly different approaches. Interior design number one is a bright and sunny two bed guest house with a concrete and copper coloured living room, and a luxury spa building a breezy holiday vibe. Interior number two is an industrial style home enriched with an upscale classic cosiness and modern features. Then, tour number three is a jaw dropping industrial loft style home that belongs to a musician, and it even incorporates a stage right in the living room. Custom built furniture pieces give the imagination plenty to work with, whilst gritty decor shows just how to set the raw vibe.

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  • Designer: Level 80 Architects
  • Visualizer: Level 80 Architects
In Minsk, Belarus, this 110 square metre guest house includes an open plan lounge-kitchen-diner, two double bedrooms, a luxury sauna, and an outdoor kitchen area. The lounge is a copper toned cosy pad with ultra modern furniture and indoor plants to enliven and brighten. A square coffee table stands at the heart of the arrangement, coloured with red glass vases.

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The complex structure of the guesthouse results in steel and wooden beams too beautiful to be hidden, so they are left exposed at the surface in some areas and ceilings. This open aesthetic is carried through into the kitchen design, where open kitchen shelving displays a wine collection, glasses and flatware. The wall of repositional shelving also includes a series of planters for kitchen herbs. Industrial inspired swivel bar stools pull up at an adjacent kitchen island.

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The kitchen island design includes shallow drawers under the dining peninsula countertop, in which to store cutlery and placemats right where they’re needed.

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Ladders become part of the industrial style decor, alongside a gallery of wall art.

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Glass vases and a cutting board make a centrepiece on the island.

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The back of the industrial style guesthouse is dominated by a concrete retaining wall, which becomes an interior feature. In the first bedroom, a designer table lamp stretches over one side of a grey upholstered bed, whilst a pendant light brightens the other. See more bedroom pendant lights.

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A large copper pendant shade dangles above a small side table, and contrasts beautifully with teal accents in the room.

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The bedrooms have open fronted wardrobes to continue the utilitarian vibe.

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Soft lighting brings relaxed ambiance to the luxury sauna.

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Clerestory windows embrace sunlight and nature as interior components.

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  • Designer: Leonid Sizikov
Our next place of interest is a red brick apartment that uses its build materials as interior inspiration. Sheer curtains swish against exposed brickwork, and perimeter lights exaggerate the walls raw texture. The stylish floor lamp is the Oda Pulpo style floor lamp. Originals are available here.

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An L-shaped modern sofa defines the border of the lounge area in the open plan living room. Two rugs overlap across the floor to layer and soften the decor. A large piece of modern art adds personality.

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The TV wall is wood clad, with a modern media unit and home cinema speakers positioned in front.

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In the dining area, a traditionally inspired chandelier gives the space a sense of grandeur and ceremony.

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Modern dining chairs keep the dining set bang up to date.

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An industrial style bookcase makes use of space between windows.

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Moving into the bedroom of this industrial style apartment, we find an alluring cushioned bedstead. Twinkling bedroom pendant lights and a swing arm wall lamp shine against a black boarded feature wall.

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Dark curtains and furniture build a moody atmosphere.

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An ultra trendy barn door pulls closed across the closet.

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The second bedroom follows the same dark colour theme…

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… But this time with a splash of moody blue.

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  • Designer: ZOOI Interior studio
  • Visualizer: ZOOI Interior studio
Last but certainly not least, we get to The Cactus Loft. An interior design that was created for a drummer and his wife, who are attracted to the industrial aesthetic. The young couple asked for an atmospheric hangout area that they could enjoy with friends, a bespoke steel kitchen, and a place for a beloved drum set.

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In the lounge, the base of the bespoke sofa and an amalgamated media cabinet wrap the room.

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The industrial style loft started life as a small two-room apartment. The kitchen and the living room have been combined in order to accommodate drum set staging. The ceiling above the drum podium is lowered for the installation of noise isolation. A supporting column between the kitchen and lounge becomes an outline for the zone.

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Stained-glass cacti were commissioned to style the interior, and have became a characterful and shaping element of the apartment.

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The sofa is a place for an audience to watch the drummer, or to watch a big screen movie once a projector screen is brought down in front of the kit. The ceiling is decorated with concrete and metal lathing that covers all the wiring for the projector itself, and the lighting. The custom coffee table design, which is also used in the hallway, is made of two separate cubes so that it is multifunctional and transferable as seating or side tables.

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Metal is a major component of this interior, maybe most of all in the shining steel fronted kitchen. A tempered glass dining table lets the base cabinets remain the focus of the room. Unique plant stands bring bursts of greenery into the arrangement.

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The original raw kitchen wall brings deep texture to the backsplash area. Dining table lights are suspended from a ceiling joist fashioned with micro cement.

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Parquet board flooring covers the apartment, except for the TV lounge where a soft carpet is laid.

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Slatted wood fascias add natural warm tones.

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Glass cacti colour the bedroom too.

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A small lounge area rests by the panoramic window view.

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A green bed throw pulls colour inspo from the stained glass cacti.

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Inside the walk in wardrobe/dressing room, black glass strips are backlit to illuminate the clothing collection.

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A custom built closet system keeps the pieces well organised.

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The bathroom is decorated with micro cement.

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