Interesting Interiors Sprung From Calming Tones Of Beige

Interesting Interiors Sprung From Calming Tones Of Beige

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When we think of interesting modern decor, shades of beige do not automatically come to mind. However, beige notes bring certain warmth to a modern room scheme. Popular wood panelling goes hand in hand with the beige tone too, with streaks of the colour melted through its texture. Today we’re looking at two home interiors, each measuring under 90 square metres, that shrugs off any blandness of beige. These relaxing spaces are sprung from calming beige but have added interest built via unique decorative form, in furniture, sculptural lighting and mood lighting. The rooms revel in additional bold colour infusions of grey, blue, red or yellow to add depth and layers.

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  • Designer: MAT Architects
The Paulina apartment is an 88 square metre home. The interior design combines natural textures and warm colors in assembling a holistic and cozy space, whilst geometric shapes and contemporary forms provide visual interest.

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Modern art adds a big injection of colour alongside a mature indoor plant. The rattan basket coincides with other natural ecological materials in the room, vibing with various textures of wood, relief plaster and smooth concrete.

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The simplicity of the space is what gives it its charm. The negative spaces are equally important to the positive. Note how a blank border has been created around the bright and fanciful sofa design, to allow the piece to breathe and be appreciated. The void also makes the windows a main focus of the room rather than a sideline.

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Softly curving outlines shape the sections of the sofa, a small side table and a pebble-like pouf.

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Looking up to the ceiling, the lighting scheme is full of new wonders. Light tracks strike black lines around the border of the room, spotlights descend on stems down the hallway, and sculptural pendant lights cluster over the sofa.

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The sculptural pendant shades jostle like milky bubbles rising to the top of the open plan living room.

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One of the linear chandeliers is positioned directly above the countertop of the kitchen island, whilst the other lights the dining table extension.

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Beige terrazzo encases the entire island in speckled pattern.

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Terrazzo also carves out a kitchen sink in the matching countertop.

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Wonderfully soft mood lighting comes from recessed LEDs. The perimeter lights flood down wooden walls in the living room to accentuate their texture, and continue on down the hallway.

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Concrete floods the floor through the entire home, and builds a bespoke floor bed design in the master. Terrazzo planters are incorporated into the unique creation. Green indoor plants bring an emerald green colour accent.

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The same sculptural white pendant lights that bubble above the lounge also feature in the bedroom.

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Another multicolour glass table overlaps the edge of the concrete bed base.

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Inside the bathroom, multicoloured glass makes the shower screen. Beige terrazzo patterns a modern vanity.

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Concrete steps lead up to the curvaceous shower enclosure.

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The top of the shower screen is smoothed off to continue the curve theme.

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The same wood tone and terrazzo build up a cohesive scheme to link every room in the home.

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Modern wall lights glow softly by the vanity.

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Bathroom storage blends with smooth beige walls.

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  • Designer: Olga Paliychuk
We go next to an 85 square metre apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, where a beige modern sofa lands on a lemony area rug. A pale wood round coffee table melds with the colour of the couch, and a slender floor lamp acts as a visual stop between the lounge area and the hallway.

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The beige colourway flows into a kitchen diner at the opposite end of the open plan.

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Just like the lounge, all of the warm colour in the kitchen diner is restricted to the lower half of the room. Golden dining chairs encircle a chunky round dining table, in front of light wood kitchen cabinets. White kitchen tiles and a simplistic white dining room pendant light wash out the upper section.

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Tucked around the corner out of plain view, wood kitchen cabinets climb to greater heights. A glass vase of pampas grass stands tall on the table.

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We go from a single yellow rug in the living room to all out yellow decor in the bedroom.

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Yellow panels colour the walls, and a bespoke platform bed is built to match.

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Yellow cushions pad a built-in window seat.

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Pampas grass softens the scene.

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The second bedroom receives heat from red tones, layered in the bed clothes and a large area rug beneath the bed. An Eames bird hops along the top of a bare wood window seat, and matching wood panels complete a cosy headboard feature wall.

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Golden wall lights shine on unique bedside tables.

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Red framed glass doors reveal the closet.

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The colour scheme falls back into the dominant beige realm in the bathroom, but this time with a dose of graphite, and a wooden modern bathroom vanity.

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The vanity mirror wraps two walls to increase the sense of space and light in the windowless room.

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Floor plan.

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